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Thank you for inquiring about the option to select a Creative Commons license for your thesis or dissertation. CC is a suite of standard licenses that copyright holders can use to encourage people to reuse their work without permission, by declaring publicly that you grant permission in advance to all users who meet certain conditions (like attribution, or non-commerciality). If you want your thesis or dissertation to be widely available and open for sharing and re-use, choose the CC-BY license within Libra, so that your choice will be reflected in the library’s metadata and it will be easier for researchers interested in open-licensed materials to find your work. One important note: CC licenses are irrevocable, so do consider carefully what kind of sharing you want to permit. I hope you’ll consider using a CC license; it facilitates research, teaching, and learning in many important ways.

 A short synopsis of each available option, as listed on our ETD Submission Checklist page, is:

CC-BY (permitting free use with proper attribution)
All rights reserved (no additional license for public reuse): users who download your work from Libra must comply with ordinary copyright law and seek permission for uses that are not fair use or otherwise permitted by law

A CC license helps readers find your work, and makes it more likely that it will be read and re-used. 
There is more detailed information in the Creative Commons section of Copyright Essentials for Graduate Students,

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