Answered By: Barbie Selby
Last Updated: Sep 07, 2019     Views: 11

We are in the process of moving all the microfilm and microfiche collections to the Ivy Stacks.  For most titles Virgo is updated as we move the materials.  However, in some cases the materials will be moved prior to Virgo being completely updated.  This is particularly true for very large sets of material comprising many individual records in Virgo.

For large sets the “cover record” for the set will be updated as we move the materials.  Records for the many individual titles will be updated a bit later as a group.  

An example of a large set where all the records have been updated is the Papers the NAACP.  The “cover record” for the entire set has all the microfilm reels linked to it.  Records for individual titles within the set (like NAACP Administrative Files) link back to the cover record.  Use the See More link in the record to view the link back to the cover record.  You should be able to request the reels for the individual title directly from its record, but you can also request them from the cover record.

We are working to update all the records for both “cover records” and individual title records for other large sets.  Unfortunately, this will take a bit of time.  

  • In the mean time when you find a title you want go into Advanced Search and do a call number search, i.e. Micfilm 1568.  The “cover record” is usually in the first couple of records in the list.  You can then request the reel you need (noting it from the record for the individual title) from the Request from Ivy link in the cover record.

Examples of other large sets with “cover records” and individual title records include: