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A Glossary of Sorts

SIRSI – vendor for our ILS (integrated Library system – aka online catalog).  We also call the staff mode (and sometimes the public mode) SIRSI.  SIRSI comprises records for the physical books and journals in the library, records for “available to order” materials, records for many ebooks (but not all), records for many other online materials (but not all)

Sirsi Unicorn – version of Sirsi ILS that UVA currently has implemented.

Sirsi Enterprise is the newest generation of the Sirsi ILS.  We haven’t implemented it.

Workflows – staff interface for SIRSI online catalog system.

VIRGO – public search & display interface for Sirsi plus much additional content. 

** See end of message for a list of the MANY things in Virgo but not in Sirsi. 
VIRGO also “contains” journal articles we get via our EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) subscription.

FireHose – software that allows Sirsi  (ILS) to talk to Virgo (public “discovery layer” interface).  I believe that FireHose is what allows Virgo to display real-time availability information.  Something gets checked out in Sirsi, and displays in Virgo as checked out immediately.  The two systems have to talk to each other for this to happen. 

Blacklight – open source search and discovery software that Virgo is built on.

Caiasoft – inventory software used to track Ivy materials.  New to us.  We just replaced our old inventory software with Caiasoft this summer.

Illiad – ILL software.  We also currently use the Illiad  for Ivy requests.

Solr – index of the content in SIRSI that Blacklight actually searches.

EBSCO Discovery Service –  (EDS) vendor supplied “discovery layer” which searches much of the journal article content the library subscribes to across the many different vendor-specific platforms.  In other words, EDS searches articles supplied by Proquest, Ebsco, ChemAbstracts, etc. in a unified interface.  Since it’s searching articles from many vendors it’s a sort of “lowest common denominator” search.  It can’t take advantage of the more advanced searching one can do in the original platform.  For instance, you can’t limit your search terms to the ABSTRACT in Virgo like you can in many of our journal databases.

SerialsSolutions (aka JournalFinder) – vendor supplied “link resolver.”  JournalFinder is what lets us search an article in one database, but link to the full text (via Find@UVA) in a different database.  Via the “Read Online” link in Virgo records SerialsSolutions shows us all the various ways we might have a particular journal online -

List of non-SIRSI supplied content searched in Virgo (public interface) – numbers are probably incorrect as this is from a Zeke email about a year old

** Virgo is beginning to search manuscript finding aids in ArchiveSpace – see . More will be added as we migrate to ArchiveSpace.

  • Freely available digital books from various sources:
    2,685,690 records for publicly-accessible scanned books in Hathi Trust.
    234 records for digital books in the Getty Publications Virtual Library
  • Purchased collections of electronic accessible books, videos and datasets:
    115,001 records for Government Documents in the ProQuest U.S. Congressional Hearings Digital Collection.
    18,188 records for Online Videos in the Kanopy Online Video Collection.
    9722 records for data-sets from the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research
    45 records for eBooks purchased as a part of the VIVA Virtual Library of Virginia program.
  • Various sets of locally scanned items:
    22,126 records for scanned issues of the Daily Progress Newspaper from 1893 to 1964
    21,904 records for scanned photos in the University of Virginia Visual History Collection
    10,685 records for scanned photo in the Holsinger Studio Collection
    14,630 records for electronic texts and collections of photos in our Fedora-based Legacy Digital Library System.
    13,183 records for Online Videos in the WSLS-TV News Film Collection.
    10,453 records for images of items in the Philip S. Hench Walter Reed Yellow Fever Collection
    7942 records for scanned books from the Special Collections Library
    5518 records for scanned photos in the Jackson Davis Collection of African American Photographs
    948 records for scanned photos from the Frances Benjamin Johnston Photograph Collection
    902 records for scanned photos from the Cecil Lang Collection of Vanity Fair Illustrations
    863 records for scanned photos of items in the University of Virginia Medical Artifacts Collection
    43 records for scanned photos from the Eduardo Montes-Bradley Photograph and Film Collection
    15 records for scanned copies of the Corks and Curls Yearbook from 1888 to 1920
  • Various sets of locally created digital documents, videos and audio files:
    4416 records for digital versions of Theses and Dissertations
    1016 records for other open-access digital works submitted to the Libra Open Access system.

700 records for digital audio and digital video files stored in our Avalon repository
90 records for data-sets stored in our Dataverse repository

  • Collections of items available from other institutions affiliated with UVA:
    2074 records for physical items held by the Eleanor Crowder Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry
    1499 records for physical items held by the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection Study Center
    576 records for Roman Coins in the University of Virginia Art Museum

Some of these sets of additional records are static, others change and grow steadily over time.  Virgo updates from all these sources each night.

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