Answered By: Bryan Kasik
Last Updated: Oct 15, 2018     Views: 73

As it turns out, the Historical Census Browser has been taken down. It was produced using computer systems that are now very vulnerable to a range of relatively simple cyber-attacks and was designed in a way that created even more security risks as time and technology progressed. Those systems have since been updated and made more secure, but upgrading the HCB site to use them would be a significant undertaking. Realistically, given the work involved, this task would require us to rewrite it from scratch and we do not currently have the staff to devote to such an undertaking. The decision to close down HCB was not taken lightly.

Here are some alternatives to try in place of the Historical Census Browser:

A very good source of census information is Heritage Quest, available as a link from our A-Z Databases List on the Library web page.

Social Explorer has a limited amount of data available on its non-subscription, free site:

If that doesn't work for you, our census data (with later corrections) is also available from the Minnesota Population Center on their National Historical Geographic Information System site:

They require an account (free and open) to access their data. It's not presented as nicely as the HCB data, but it is accurate data - so that's worth something.

More information on UVA Library census resources are available here: