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Guest Wireless Access

General information from ITC on guest wireless access:

  • Guests need to provide all of the following:
a. Show a photo ID - Information Technology Services (ITS) requires a photo ID for access.
b. Name
c. Email Address

Tips for using UVA's Wireless

  • Never use Chrome to initially connect.  Use a web browser other than Chrome (Firefox, IE, Safari, Edge).  Once connected to Welcome_to_UVa_Wireless, Chrome may be used. For ChromeBooks, which run ChromeOS and only have Chrome browsers, use long-term guest access PINs ( instead of short-term guest Wi-Fi passcodes.
  • Make sure guest is connected to Welcome_to_UVA_Wireless network
  • Try a different web browser, but, again, no Chrome for initial connection
  • If you get a security warning and there is an "Advanced" (or other similar option), select it and allow page to be redirected
  • After entering the passcode, try going to
  • Close browser, reopen same browser, and enter the passcode a second time, then try all steps above again
  • Restart computer and try all steps above again
  • Try using the browser in Private or Incognito mode
  • Try using the browser is Safe (all add-ons disabled) mode
  • Create another passcode and try all steps above again
  • It's OK to use Chrome after you've established a wifi connection

Conference Wireless

We do not distribute guest PINs for non-library conferences or events. Guests attending conferences or other events coordinated by Conference Services should obtain their PINs directly from Conference Services. Guests attending conferences or events sponsored by other UVa departments will need to obtain a guest PIN from the sponsoring department.

For library sponsored conferences or events that require guest PINs for multiple people, the library department LSP should be contacted in advance with the number of PINs and user information (if possible) so PINs can be generated ahead of time.


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