Answered By: Bryan Kasik
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We are very sorry for the discomfort some have felt within the Library from time to time, regarding the temperature.  We attempt to keep the building to temperatures between 67°F - 71°F. 

Alderman Library is almost a century old and its age is showing. The cooling systems installed in the 1980’s  have been upgraded but are still worn. And the heating system - hot water flowing through pipes - has never been upgraded. We work daily to keep the temperatures moderate.

The Old stacks and the New Stacks are very difficult to control for temperature, due to the nature of the cooling and heating mechanisms. It is typically hot in some sections and cold in others.

To be specific: the pipes are corroding, the radiators are clogged, and our offices with single glass panes allow a great deal of cold through.

Quite simply, you may have to bundle up with a coat inside at times, and relocate from areas that are too hot in the stacks if you are uncomfortable there. We ask for your forbearance and understanding with our 80-year-old building.

Temperature control (or lack of) and failing heading systems are one BIG reason for the Alderman Renovation:

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