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• Visit the CambridgeSoft New Member Registration page and fill in the required items. You should use your email address, to be sure you get access to the Virginia site license for the software.

• Note: You need to enter "University of Virginia" in the organization box. There are 2 options for "University of Virginia" (both seem to work), and there is a "University of Virginia - alumni" option as well, which you shouldn't select at this point. When you select "University of Virginia" a box will pop up next to the Organization box, with the option to "recheck address." You don't need to select this (it will attempt to fill in the rest of your address, with a department mailing address - and it probably won't be your department).

- I'd suggest only filling in the required fields, unless you want them to mail information to you.

- You may want to uncheck some or all of the Notification options at the bottom of the form.

Site Licensed Software

• In the right-hand menu, under Services, you should now select "My Site Subscription" (or simply follow this link, after you have registered)

• You should then be on the "My Account - Site Subscription" page, and under "Accessing Your Software" just click on "Download Site Subscription Software"

• Now you should be on the Virginia-specific page, with the option to download either the Windows or Mac version of ChemDraw Professional 15.

• Download the version you need, and install.

Installation - Mac

• To install on a Mac, simply open the .dmg file, and follow the instructions.

• You will need to enter your name, and the email address you used to download the software. You will also need to enter the Mac Serial Number and Activation code in the email you should have received by this point. Note, the first serial number in the email is for Windows, and won't work for the Mac. • Then simply Drag and Drop the ChemDraw Professional 15 icon into the Applications folder, and the Plugin to the Internet Plug-Ins folder:

• You should then be able to use ChemDraw (it'll be in Applications), and if you restart your browser, you'll be able to use the ChemDraw browser plugin if needed.

Installation - Windows

• To install under Windows, double click on the cdpf150.exe file, and then select "Install Software"

• you will then need to enter your name, the email address you used to download the software, and your serial number (which should have arrived in your email by now - note that the Windows serial number is the first serial number in the mail message).

• Just select "Activate over the Internet" (you won't need an activation code if you do it this way)

• You will need to scroll to the end of the license agreement, and then accept the terms.

• You'll then have to select which components to install (it won't hurt to install them all, including the Python extensions)

• You'll have to agree to install the various components in default locations, and finally you can click Finish, and then close the installation window.

• You should then see ChemDraw Professional 15 in your Start Menu.


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