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As a student at UVa you have access to many types of research software. Most are free to you as long as you are a student at UVa. If you receive a paycheck from UVa (RA, TA, Dining Services, Im-Rec, etc.) you have access to even more titles, and these are marked with an * on the list below. If the package has an * next to it, it is not available to students who do not receive a paycheck from UVa.

Research software for students:

  • AMOS*: Structural Equation Modeling package. Windows only.
  • Ansys: Finite element program for engineering analysis. Windows and Linux.
  • ArcInfo: ESRI GIS package. Windows only.
  • IDL: Software for data analysis, visualization, and cross-platform application development. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • LabView: Graphical programming platform. Windows primarily, light Mac OS & Linux versions. Grad students only.
  • Mathematica*: A fully integrated environment for technical computing. Windows, Mac OS Linux.
    • Student version for course work is a one time purchase from the textbook department at the Newcomb Hall Bookstore.
  • MATLAB*: High-performance language for technical computing. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
    • Matlab for Everyone is a new program at UVa where everyone can have a standalone copy of Matlab on their own computer. See the Library's Matlab for Everyone page for more information on this exciting offering!
  • Minitab: Statistical package. Windows only. Minitab Express for Mac OS.
  • OriginPro: Scientific graphing and analysis. Windows only. Version 7.5 only.
  • oXygen: XML editor that supports all the XML schema languages. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Special student license.
  • QuestionPro: Web-based software for creating and distributing surveys.
  • R and R Studio: Open-source statistical package. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • SAS: Statistical package. Windows only.
  • SPSS*: Statistical package. Windows and Mac OS. 
  • Stata: Statistical package. Purchased through the GradPlan with Stata Corporation.

All software titles offered by ITS can be found here. You can also get Microsoft Office and Windows from Cavalier Computers for $15.

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