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Many of the Research Software packages have license files or authorization codes that expire yearly. Since only UVa-affiliated users can use our software, it ensures that people who leave the University can not use the software once they have left UVa. It is illegal for you to share license files or codes with people not currently affiliated with UVa.

The newest license files for SAS can be found on UVa Software soon. You can go and download the new file for your version of SAS (9.4 or 9.3, T & R or Admin, 32- or 64-bit OS) by going to the Your Account/Orders area in the upper right are of UVa Software. Select your SAS from the offerings that pop up. The new file will be available by download via the light blue Download button. You will be presented with a choice of 2 files; one that is very large (21 GB), and one that is very small (several KB). Select the smaller license file which is the SAS license file.

  • Download the file to somewhere you can easily browse to on your computer.  
  • Go to the Start menu of your computer
  • Navigate to the SAS program group
  • Click on the Utilities folder.
  • Click on the "Renew SAS Software" application to run the utility
  • When you are prompted for the path to the sAS license file, browse to your recently downloaded file and select it

If you experience difficuties finding the SAS Rnewal Utility, you can also drill down to the utility by going down this path:

C: -> Program Files -> SASHome -> SASRenewalUtility -> 9.4 [or 9.3 if you are using that version] -> SASRenew application

That should renew your SAS for another year. The license issues a warning in June that it will expire on July 15. This will happen every year.

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