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UVa ITS has made all of the research software available in labs like the Scholars' Lab and other public labs available to all UVa users vis The Hive. The Hive can be accessed from nearly anywhere via an Internet connection after you install the lightweight VMWare View Client. All computation is performed on the server, so most computers and even tablet computers can use research software, and all of the other titles on the virtualized build.

Titles available via The Hive are detailed here.

To use The Hive you must:

  • Have an Internet connection
  • Download and install the VMWare View Client
  • After downloading and installing the client, start the client while you are connected to the Internet
  • When you start The Hive up it will look like you are looking at a Windows 7 Enterprise desktop
  • Programs can be accessed by the Start button

Please note:

  • The default Desktop that appears when you want to save you work is the Hive desktop, NOT YOUR DESKTOP
  • The Hive automatically maps your Home Directory, and that is a very good place to save your work
  • If you leave your computer idle for more than 15 minutes, you will be logged out, and you will LOSE any unsaved work. So please save your work early and often to a place you can browse to when not on The Hive

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